Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding photos

Our wedding day photos were taken by Leo Patrone. He photographs exclusively with film cameras, which I love. He was a lot of fun to work with and I like how the photos turned out.

The ceremony:




 The happy couple:

We had a wonderful wedding day. There was a lot of planning that went into it, but it was well worth it. The whole experience of putting together a wedding stretched me and further solidified Jon and I as a couple. We learned a lot along the way, like how to find a good caterer, what kind of cake we wanted, what kind of mood we wanted on our day, how to budget, how to craft all kinds of DIY elements, and a ton about ourselves. I got to further witness Jon's patience, kindness, listening skills, and sense of humor as we stumbled through the planning stages of our wedding together, and I'm only getting to see more and more of Jon's strengths as a married couple.

My advice for those that might be getting into all of this? --
1. Plan what you can plan, but be open to change and alternative options as you go.
2. Involve as many people as possible. Not only does delegation give you the chance to relax and gain perspective, but keeping everyone involved also creates cohesiveness.
3. Remember to keep having fun with your honey. There are a lot of business transactions and decisions to make, so balance that out with date nights, adventures, and a few days where talking wedding details is off-limits.
4. Get as much sleep as you can for the couple of nights before the wedding day-- not only does it make a difference in how you feel, but it also shows in the photos (which are forever).
5. Finally, on the day of-- just relax. Roll with the punches.

For me, the more details I had hammered out, the more contracts I had signed, the more comfortable I felt, and by the wedding day, I just went along with whatever was going on. Actually, Jon and I both did. We just had a good time-- we got our photos taken, we got to hang out with family and friends, and we actually managed to eat a little. I'd call that a pretty great day.

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